What We Do

Professional Development

  • NCSD Online brings our expertise to schools for personalized professional development through In-Person Workshops, Virtual Training, Webinars, and Self-Paced Online Courses. We offer a wide variety workshop options for all grade levels, while tailoring them to your specific needs and budget. In addition to edtech related workshops, we offer training in Project Based Learning, Mastery Learning, Design Thinking, Differentiated Learning, Digital Citizenship, Leadership, and more.   
  • NCSD Online works onsite with schools and districts throughout the school year both by offering individual, custom workshops or for extended periods of time through our full-year T21 program. With the latter, we offer a combination of face to face workshops, online modules and live webinars as well as ongoing support. Participants can also earn  graduate credit through accredited universities. We designed this program to help build professional capacity in schools and develop a cohort of powerful teacher leaders. 
  • Our trainers all have extensive experience teaching in the classroom as well as working and directly with schools to understand the needs and culture of the learning environment.

Consulting & Coaching

  • In every school there are “pockets of excellence,” great teachers doing great teaching, but if schools are to move from pockets of quality to widespread excellence, they have to develop a system that acknowledges and encourages these innovative teachers.  Teachers also need the opportunity to share their thoughts and lessons and get feedback and suggestions from educators within their building and other experts to continue their growth.   
  • NCSD Online can provide a consulting/coaching model to schools that supports the integration of technology by involving the teachers in every step of the process.  One key to the successful implementation of this model is that the NCSD Online consultant works closely with the classroom teachers that are already successfully integrating tools and strategies.  Together, they can guide the entire faculty with the technology vision of the school. 
  • The first part is consulting, which is an opportunity for grade level teams to work together, talking through ideas while the NCSD Online consultant offers suggestions for authentic and appropriate uses of technology to be leveraged in the classroom. 
  • The second part is the Training.  NCSD Online will provide workshops throughout the year (one hour each) for the entire school.  School leaders can choose the topics. 

Conferences & Events

  • NCSD Online has planned and implemented conferences across the nation since 2010. We also provide support for schools that would like to host their own event.  Our management services include content development, marketing, site selection, registration, acquiring presenters,  conducting workshops,  housing, and food. 

Tech Needs Analysis

  • Schools and districts face similar challenges in navigating the emerging technologies transforming society: new technologies create new forums for relationships among teachers, students, parents, and administrator; students bring new personal technologies that can enhance or interrupt learning routines; new online learning tools offer unprecedented opportunities to develop personalized, student-centered learning environments.  However, these new spaces also come without established norms or policies. Effective leaders who seek to nurture modern learning environments have to develop district policies and nurture school cultures that promote thoughtful and conscientious innovation with learning technologies.  Through this Program, NCSD Online helps schools formulate a vision, a structure, and a pathway to develop an institutional capacity for effective technology integration.